Highest Property Tax Rates in Los Angeles County

What would be fair is everyone in Los Angeles County paid the same rate for property taxes. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It turns out that the highest rates are inflicted upon the poorest communities.

Los Angeles not during rush hour.

Bell pays nearly the highest rates of all at 1.55%, which is much higher than the 1.10% that property owners in Malibu pay.

This leaves many residents either scratching their heads or clenching their fists. Why should the poorer communities pay such a higher rate?

Experts say it is because smaller cities don’t have the luxury of big businesses funneling cash into the city government. Also, the houses in smaller cities are often of lower value, which also leads to less money going to the city. Cities like Bell have to make up the difference somewhere, and that usually ends up meaning that the poorest people end up paying the largest percentage of their salary in taxes.

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